Norn Consult is an accounting company offering complete solutions for regular and occasional bookkeeping services, tax protection, HR management, registration and closure of firms, pension calculation, tax and accounting consulting, healthcare and social security consulting, as well as many other bookkeeping services.

Our company operates in accordance with the latest changes and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. We strive to provide high-quality bookkeeping services for all our clients, and offer innovative and custom-made solutions to each and everyone of them by taking into consideration the specific requirements of their businesses.

The global financial crisis has made cost effectiveness more important than ever for every company and business. One of the best ways to save on operating expenses is bookkeeping to be outsourced to an accounting company. This is proven to be cost-effective for all the firms that have decided to do it. Such management decision allows them to free viable for their business resources and to be sure that their bookkeeping will be handled in a proper and professional way.

By entrusting us with your bookkeeping you are guaranteed to receive high-quality accounting services custom-made for you and the specifics of your business activity. We provide all our customers with an accurate contract, which guarantees their safety and security, as well as with professional advice and custom-made solutions for each end every specific case.