Norn Consult's main aim is to constantly improve and develop the quality of services offered and to improve its positions in accounting, tax consulting and HR management. Our priorities for company development include constant development of services we provide, improvement of the relationship between us and our clients, and adoption of the most modern technologies and systems – all for the sake of customer satisfaction. We don't want to waste your time with long and complicated conversations. On the contrary – we always answer the questions asked promptly and in a way that is easy to understand. We strive to provide quick and effective solutions and to maintain friendly relationships with our clients. Our vision is to deliver accurate and prompt services that are easy to understand for everybody. We constantly optimize the processes, reduce the risk of bookkeeping errors, analyze accounting information promptly and correctly, and last but not least - always try to obtain affordable prices for our customers.

We like interesting stories that are like taken out from a movie. A movie about an idea which more or less changes the everyday life of the people that have committed themselves to putting it into practice. That's why we decided to tell you our story, which is still at its start, but has already changed our everyday lives.

It all started on an autumn day (an evening, actually) in 2011, when we decided that it was time to take matters in our own hands and to provide the services that we ourselves had always wanted to receive as customers. After a short discussion, the idea was carefully considered and evaluated, and we proceeded with its implementation. Our "birth", just like every birth, started with the name. It was hard to come up with a name because we wanted it to be interesting and appropriate at the same time. We discussed hundreds of different options but none of them seemed to be suitable. As we seemed to had reached a dead end, a friend of ours (and eventually our godmother) came to the rescue. Tsvety (may be as a joke, may be not) proposed us to name our company "Witch". After we all laughed and made jokes about the magic of bookkeeping, imagining ourselves flying on a broom through the maze of the tax and trade legislation, we came up with the idea to translate the word "witch" in some foreign language. That is how we ended up with "Norn" – that is how the elf witches in some Scandinavian myths and legends are called. It did not take much time for us to make a unanimous decision – we agreed to name our company "Norn Consult" ("norn" means elf of witch in Icelandic). May be the text above has already made you smile, but we do believe that this name will bring us lots of luck and success.
We would like to thank Tsvety Tonieva for the name she gave us, the good-looking logo, and all the help and support in hard times. We really appreciate all she has done for us.