Regular bookkeeping services.

Prices for our services vary for each client – they depend on the activity of the company, number of documents that need to be processed per month, number of employees, etc. Please contact us – either by phone or through the contact form attached on this page. We will make a short analysis of your company activity and within 24 hours we will prepare an individual custom-made offer for you. We guarantee that the price offered will be a pleasant surprise for you.


Company registration.

Услуга Цена Описание
Registration of a sole trader 70BGN Includes all state and notary fees.
Registration of a limited company (Ltd) 180BGN Includes all state and notary fees and a notary fee for one manager. For every other one the fee is charged.
Preparation of documents for company registration 40BGN The client registers his company by himself. Price includes consultation and advice.
Registration of a sole trader or a limited company owned by a foreign person (non-Bulgarian) 350BGN

Includes all state and notary fees and a notary fee for one manager. For every other one - +6BGN.

Current status from the Trade register 20BGN Includes all state fees.
Registration of a joint stock company Negotiable, 800BGN minimum Does not include notary fees.
Transfer of shares and change of circumstances Negotiable After documentation research and analysis.



Occasional Bookkeeping Services.

As we provide a large number of occasional (single) bookkeeping services, we do not have a price for every single one of them – we don't want to make you search and get confused in a long price list. We charge you according to the time it takes for us to do the operations we ask us to. The price for 1 (one) hour is 25 BGN. The first 30 (thirty) minutes are free of charge, after that each started hour is charged. May be you wonder where the catch is... we assure you that there is no catch. If your question could be answered within half an hour, we will consult you for free.


Web Design.

Price of the service could vary – it depends on your requirements and needs. If interested, please get in touch with us (either by the contact form or a telephone call) and let us know about your requirements. We will prepare an individual business proposal for you as soon as possible.